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At 2:20am On May 2nd 2014 by Danny
Ok thanks owner-San, give me a call as soon as you get them in thanks!

At 12:58pm On May 1st 2014 by Owner-san
Konnichiwa Danny, The new re-release of Eureka Seven is going to be $35 in DVD and $45 in Blu-Ray (roughly, we may be able to bring that down a bit...

At 1:00am On May 1st 2014 by Danny
Hi Owner-San was wondering if you could order me both parts of the original Eureka Seven Blu-Ray boxsets and can you please let me know how much it wi...

At 12:58pm On Apr 22nd 2014 by Owner-san
Konnichiwa Wilson Sadly I don't think we can find those for you, Pokemate (as far as Owner-san knows) never really got licensed for North America s...
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At 3:34pm On Jul 18th 2014, Owner-san wrote...
Owner-san is back again with another new week of manga for Neo Tokyo and its loyal patrons. This week isn’t a huge list but is 80% brand new, never before seen titles which is a personal best for Owner-san in manga. Along with a LOT of announcements and discounted items and all of the items that Owner-san will be getting in shortly it still makes for a pretty good week at Neo Tokyo.

Owner-san has the best of glad tidings (well, second best as they aren’t actually here yet) for Sailor Moon anime fans. A release date for the first new release collection has come down. They expect to be shipping them to be on the shelves for the second week of November. It will be available in two formats, the BluRay & DVD Limited Edition (with the 88 page full colour premium booklet and ‘shimmering chipboard artbox’) for something in the $90 (ish) Canadian and the regular DVD only collection for $50 (ish) Canadian. The one distributor that has listed them (more will follow) apparently already has over 1900 pre-orders and is already concerned about having sufficient supply. If what Owner-san is seeing is to be believed there could very well be a shortage of both or either of the collections come November for those that haven’t spoken up early. Owner-san is advising all of the loyal patrons of Neo Tokyo who look forward to having their Sailor Moon anime fix in a timely fashion to let Owner-san know as soon as possible. Those that speak first will watch first, these are the rules we must live by.

Special note to the fans of Alice in the Country of… Owner-san has not been putting aside all of the various sub-stories (including Alice in the Country of Clover Knights Knowledge 01 this week) for those that had subscriptions for the core Alice in the Country of Hearts. If you had or would want subscriptions held of all of the spin offs and side stories (from one or both of the publishers putting them out) please let Owner-san know that that is the case. Otherwise they will have to have subscriptions for each individual sub story.

Bleach Movie 2 Diamond Dust Rebellion DVD 20% Off
Heaven's Lost Property Season 2 Forte Collection BluRay 20% Off

One Piece DVD’s (Previously Viewed)
Season 4 1st Voyage – Season 5 6th Voyage (episodes 206 – 336) 50% Off – While they last
While Quantities last, sold in sets of 2 Voyages picking up where the One Piece Collections end.

Vampire Knight Collection DVD 20% Off
Vampire Knight Guilty Collection DVD 20% Off

While this wasn’t a huge book week 4 out of 5 of them are brand new never before seen titles just getting started.
Alice in the Country of Clover Knight’s Knowledge finds Alice spending time with Ace after they shift to the Country of Clover and Alice tries to cope with the sudden shift and her strange new surroundings. Ace remains a dashing and handsome bad-boy master swordsman but he also seems somewhat unstable, why is Alice suddenly drawn to him?
Anomal is from a new publisher (Gen Manga) and tells us that (according to the back cover) ‘weird tales of horror and the bizarre are part of a peculiar vision of the world in this collection of short stories’. From what Owner-san has read it doesn’t seem to be so much a horror story (at least as far as Owner-san thinks of Japanese horror) but is very much a collection of ghost stories.
The Monster Perfect Edition is the LONG overdue reprinting of the Naoki Urasawa Monster manga. For those unaware of it (and shame on you, it is an under-appreciated classic here in the English speaking world) is the story of Kenzo Tenma, a brilliant surgeon dedicated to helping his fellow man, who decides to put the well being of a child patient ahead of his professional success. What he can’t predict is that his decision causes a terrifying monster to come into being. For Dr Tenma the concepts of good vs evil have become a matter of life and death. Owner-san says you should read it and he should know.
In Terra Formars we find that earth is quickly becoming uninhabitable and mankind has been terra forming Mars to attempt to save itself. Centuries of effort have readied Mars for habitation but contact is lost with the first team sent to the red planet. The cockroaches sent to Mars as part of the terra forming have evolved into violent humanoids who take an instant and extremely violent dislike to humans. Bloody mayhem and intrigue ensues in a manga that reminds Owner-san very much (in its art particular) of Battle Royale.

Alice in the Country of Clover Knights Knowledge 01
Anomal (Manga)
Monster 01 Perfect Edition
Terra Formars 01
World War Blue 06

Full Metal Panic Arbalest Lambda Driver Robot Spirits Action Figure

Emily P. your World War Blue 06 is in.
Stephanie W. your Alice in the Country of Clover Knight’s Knowledge 01 is in.

Owner-san still has a mountain of ordering to do to catch up and a growing list of requests for Sailor Moon anime to get sorted out. RibFest grows ever more imminent and Owner-san is quickly running out of time for many tasks he must finish. No time to pause.


At 1:11pm On Jul 11th 2014, Owner-san wrote...
Owner-san returns from the mammoth effort to catch up on all of the ordering he’s fallen behind on while catching up on paperwork. Giant lists are being compiled and sent out into the web that will return as piles and mountains of all things anime. At least half a dozen different suppliers have things that Neo Tokyo must have and the manga wall cries out in anguish at its depleted state. So now quickly, on to the good part of the post, the new stuff. For now Owner-san has managed to find another tiny batch of Sword Art Online DVD’s to try and keep up with the mountain of requests he has for them. More are on the way and Owner-san continues the hunt.

It’s another great week of new manga (Owner-san is especially looking forward to UQ Holder continuing in the Negima world and Seven Deadly Sins for just crazy over the top shonen fun) but the only brand new debut manga this week is My Love Story 01. Written by Kazune Kawahara, author of High School Debut, and nominated for several Japanese manga awards it is the story of Takeo Goda, a big guy with an enormous heart. He’s so used to his best friend Sunakawa being the center of attention he can’t see that the girl he likes is interested in him too while he tries to help her find happiness with Sunakawa. Hilarity ensues as this love triangle begins to realize that it is, in fact, a triangle.

Lost Universe Collection 20% Off
Shakugan no Shana Season 2 Part 2 DVD & BluRay 20% Off

Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Rebellion LE Import BluRay

07 Ghost 11
Case Closed 51
Flowers of Evil 10
Fullmetal Alchemist Omni 08 22-23-24
My Love Story 01
Ranma 1/2 Omni 03 5-6
Rin-Ne 15
Seven Deadly Sins 03
Sherlock Bones 06
Skip Beat Omni 08 22-23-24
Sweet Rein 03
UQ Holder 02

Doug H. your Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Rebellion LE Import BluRay is in.
Jason C. Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Rebellion LE Import BluRay is in.
Jeremy M. your Sword Art Online DVD 2 Aincrad Part 2 and Sword Art Online DVD 3 Fairy Dance Part 1 are in.

Debbie F. your Case Closed 51 is in.
Diane T. your Sweet Rein 03 is in.
Drew T. Fullmetal Alchemist Omni 08 is in.
Emily P. your 07 Ghost 11, Sweet Rein 03, Seven Deadly Sins 03 and UQ Holder 02 are in.
Nathan S. your Skip Beat Omni 08 is in.
Phil N. your Fullmetal Alchemist Omni 08 is in.
Ryan W. your Love on the Job 02 is in.
Scott M. your Fullmetal Alchemist Omni 08, Love on the Job 02, Parasite Dr Suzunne 02, Seven Deadly Sins 03, and Ranma ½ Omni 06 are in.
Stephanie W. your Case Closed 51 is in.
Tyler P. your Fullmetal Alchemist Omni 08 is in.

Owner-san must now return to generating and sending giant lists of requests to most of Neo Tokyo’s suppliers. With anime, manga, and merchandise out there that Neo Tokyo should have waiting on him Owner-san cannot rest. No time to pause.


At 3:47pm On Jul 4th 2014, Owner-san wrote...
Owner-san has glad tidings of both new books and new swords this week and if there’s anything more anime than that he can’t think of it. It’s another great manga shipment this week along with a shipment of new steel display swords. With much to do and time quickly evaporating Owner-san will move on to getting to the good part.

Of the long list of great new manga this week only two are brand new never before seen titles. First is “Haganai I Don't Have Many Friends Now with 50% More Fail”, a contender for the longest manga title ever but is only kind of a brand new title. Technically it is a spin off collection of side stories of the Neighbors Club continuing their misadventures and misunderstandings while failing to make new friends.
Secondly this week we have Arpeggio of Blue Steel following the I-401, the only ship in human hands that can move freely through the seas, and her crew. Seventeen years ago the Fleet of Fog appeared on earth’s oceans and blocked any travel between the continents, impervious to all of mankind’s weapons. Now Captain Gunzou and a member of the Fleet of Fog who has sided with humanity have a new weapon that might turn the tables and free the seas again.
Also brand new never before seen swords this week the unique Blood+ Saya’s vampire slaying sword, Mugen’s sword from Samurai Champloo (a favorite of Owner-san’s), and from the Touhou game Perfect Cherry Blossom Youmu Konpaku’s Roukanken katana. Owner-san has had many requests for any merchandise for Touhou but didn’t really expect to find any swords.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel 01
Blue Sheep Reverie 06 (Yaoi)
D Gray Man Omni 04 10-11-12
Haganai I Don't Have Many Friends Now with 50% More Fail
Lone Wolf & Cub Omni 05
Midnight Secretary 06
Naruto 66
Nisekoi False Love 04
Phantom Thief Jeanne 03
Pokemon Adventures 23 Firered & Leafgreen
Sacred Blacksmith 05
Vampire Hunter D Novel 21 Blood Battle

Blood+ Saya Otonashi's Nihonto Katana
Samurai Champloo Mugen Full Tang Katana with Sword Bag
Touhou Youmu Konpaku Katana

Andrea T. your No. 6 07 is in.
Emily P. your Sacred Black Smith 05, and Vampire Hunter D Novel 21 are in.
Eric C. your Love Hina Omni 02 is in.
Gage H. your Naruto 66 is in.
Justin B. your Arpeggio of Blue Steel 01, Nisekoi False Love 04, and Uzumaki Omni are in.
Kyle O. your Naruto 66 is in.
Lucas P. your Trigun Omni is in.
Peter F. your Vampire Hunter D Novel 21 is in.
Scott M. your D Gray-Man Omni 04 is in.
Scott M. your Naruto 66 is in.
Shawn P. your Vampire Hunter D Novel 21 is in.
Tyler T. your Nisekoi False Love 04 is in.
Xin Z. your Naruto 66 is in.

James W. your Bleach Kenpachi Zaraki Display Steel Sword is in.

As Owner-san will have finished his epic struggle with the mountains of paperwork that he has been battling these last few weeks and months the taps will be turned on to resume the tsunami of anime and manga to return the flood levels that Owner-san loves. He has at least 3 orders to place that he can think of off the top and is almost certainly forgetting some.
Owner-san has several new manga this week that he’ll need to get read this weekend along with all of the paperwork and orders that have to be completed. As always, no time to pause.


At 9:30pm On Jun 30th 2014, Owner-san wrote...
Konnichiwa All!!!
Please remember, Neo Tokyo will be closed July 1st for Canada Day. Owner-san regrets any inconvenience but the law is quite clear, he mustn't open the doors.

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