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At 4:16pm On Jul 9th 2016 by Owner-san
Konnichiwa J, Sorry for the slow reply, missed your message here. In answer we have a fair number of merchandise items (necklaces, keychains, po...

At 3:50pm On Jul 2nd 2016 by Jonnemcg93
Hey all just looking to see what prices and availability of anything kingdom hearts mostly manga tho. Also looking to see what the price and availabil...

At 9:01pm On Jul 4th 2015 by Spoooksss
Hallo Owner-San, I was wondering if there was a chance you could order in clow cards from card captors?

At 4:00pm On Jun 25th 2015 by Owner-san
Konnichiwa Keint, Sadly at this point no, Owner-san has been meaning for some time to look into another supplier specifically to get access to Pokť...
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At 4:00pm On Dec 16th 2017, Owner-san wrote...
It was a big week for shipments to Neo Tokyo and Owner-san and the minions must find room for more manga, plush, and trinkets than could be reasonably expected to fit on to the shelves of Neo Tokyo. For weeks as soon as a patron pulled a manga from the shelves a minion rushed out with another from the stacks that have formed waiting for a home to replace it. Neo also has every square inch of space available for plush absolutely packed full, with more jammed onto shelves where they donít belong with hope in their eyes that someday they will be able to join their friends. Another big shipment of plushes arrived and is piled on the counter looking homeless and sad. At some point Owner-san will have to learn how to pace himself in his buying rather than just saying yes to everything cool that becomes available as he finds it.
Owner-sanís semi-psychotic spending (SPS is real and untold thousands suffer with it every day) aside it remains an awesome week at Neo Tokyo

Aho Girl (Clueless Girl) 04
Akame ga Kill Zero 06
Angels of Death 01
Aoharu x Machinegun 08
Baccano Novel HC 06
Blame Master Edition 06
Bungo Stray Dogs 05
Captive Hearts of Oz 03
Clockwork Planet 06
Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody 04
Devil is a Part Timer Novel 09
Don't Meddle with My Daughter 02
Dragons Rioting 09
Finder Deluxe Ed 04 In Captivity (Yaoi)
Goblin Slayer 01
Goblin Slayer Novel 04
Graineliers 01
High School DXD 10
How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend 08
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon Novel 10
Itsuwaribito 22
Kagerou Daze 08
Kigurumi Guardians 03
Konosuba Novel 04
Magical Girl Apocalypse 13
Monster Girl Doctor Novel 01
Neon Genesis Evangelion Shinji Ikari Raising Project Omni 05 13-14-15
No Game No Life Shiro & Sora Metal Keychain
No Matter How You Look at It, I'm Not Popular 11 (Watamote)
Of the Red the Light and the Ayakashi 09
One Week Friends 01
Princess Jellyfish 07
RE Zero Starting Life in Another World Chapter 2 Week at the Mansion 04
Saga of Tanya the Evil Novel 01
School Live 09
So I'm a Spider So What 01
Strike the Blood 09
Sword Art Online Calibur (One-shot)
Sword Art Online Novel 12 Alicization Rising
Terrified Teacher at Ghoul School 01
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Novel 01
Yowamushi Pedal 07

OTAKU LUV (other items)
Blue Exorcist Rin Yukio & Shura Messenger Bag
Durarara Group Messenger Bag
Free Iwatobi Swim Club Group Silhouette Messenger Bag
Haikyu Karasuno Volleyball Daichi Sawamura Nendoroid #772
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Group SD Metal Keychain
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Joseph Joestar Messenger Bag
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Jotaro SD T
Kill la Kill Ryuko Matoi Messenger Bag
Kuroko's Basketball Kagami Messenger Bag
Neon Genesis Evangelion Evangelion Shogouki T
One Piece Group & Skull T Shirt 90062
One Piece Luffy's Straw Hats Flag Black T Shirt (M)
Ouran High School Host Club Bear PVC Keychain
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Kyubey 8in Plush
Sailor Moon Cosmic Heart Metal Necklace
Sailor Moon Luna Wallet
Sailor Moon Moon Brooch Keychain
Sailor Moon Outside Solar System Wallet
Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mirage Memorial Ornament Chouette
Sword Art Online Divine Dtone of Returning Soul Necklace
Sword Art Online Laughing Coffin Necklace
Yuri On Ice Victor Nikiforov Nendoroid #741

Alex D. your Devil is a Part Timer Novel 09 is in.
Andre N. your Aho Girl (Clueless Girl) 04, Konosuba Novel 04 and Saga of Tanya the Evil Novel 01 are in.
Braiden C. your My Hero Academia 08 is in.
Brendyn B. your High School DXD 10 is in.
Corie M. your Magical Girl Apocalypse 13 is in.
David T. your Dragon Ball Omni 01 1-2-3 is in.
Ege C. your Konosuba Novel 04 is in.
Emily P. your Aoharu x Machinegun 08, Bungo Stray Dogs 05, Graineliers 01, Itsuwaribito 22, Kagerou Daze 08, Of the Red the Light and the Ayakashi 09, Goblin Slayer Novel 04 and Kigurumi Guardians 03 are in.
Fred M. your Goblin Slayer Novel 04 is in.
Harry D. your Akame ga Kill Zero 06 and Dragons Rioting 09 are in.
Havin A. your Akame ga Kill Zero 06 and Magical Girl Apocalypse 13 are in.
Jacob P. your Saga of Tanya the Evil Novel 01 is in.
Jason C. your No Matter How You Look at It, I'm Not Popular 11 (Watamote) is in.
Jason G. your School Live 09 is in.
Jeremy M. your Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon Novel 10 is in.
Katrina K. your Dengeki Daisy 10, 12 and 13 are in.
Kelly M. your Itsuwaribito 22 and Yowamushi Pedal 07 are in.
Lise B. your Princess Jellyfish 07 and Yowamushi Pedal 07 are in.
Luke R. your No Matter How You Look at It, I'm Not Popular 11 (Watamote) is in.
Margaret M. your Ancient Magus Bride 02 is in.
Monica B. your Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody 04 and Itsuwaribito 22 are in.
Rachel K. your Silent Voice 01 and 02 are in.
Robert D. your Claymore Complete Box Set 1-27 is in.
Robert H. your Konosuba Novel 04 and Sword Art Online Novel 12 Alicization Rising are in.
Roberto L. your Sailor Moon Pretty Guardian 01 is in.
Scott your Dragons Rioting 09 and High School DXD 10 are in.
Simon P. your Dragon Ball Full Color 06 Freeza Arc 3 is in.

Amber H. your Assassination Classroom Karuma Plush is in.
Amber N. your Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Edward Sitting Plush is in.
Christine N. your Naruto Kakashi Plush is in.
Derekica S. your Yuri On Ice Victor Nikiforov Nendoroid #741 is in.
Elaine M. your Pokemon Beedrill 12" Plush and Pokemon Haunter 12" Plush are in.
Frank V. your Love Live Sunshine Ruby Kurosawa Nendoroid #746 and Yuri On Ice Victor Nikiforov Nendoroid #741 is in.
Kenny C. your Death Note Notebooks are in.
Marla P. your Love Live Sunshine Ruby Kurosawa Nendoroid #746 and Yuri On Ice Victor Nikiforov Nendoroid #741 are in.
Maryann C. your Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mirage Memorial Ornament Chouette is in.
Nick A. your Yu Gi Oh Yami Yugi ArtFX J Statue (Repro) is in.
Rachel K. your Yuri On Ice Victor Nikiforov Nendoroid #741 is in.
Robin A. your Overwatch Tracer Classic Skin Nendoroid #730 and Overwatch Mei Classic Skin Nendoroid #757 are in.

Owner-san knows there was no anime in this list but he expects many boxes of anime from many places to be arriving in the next week or so. Worry not video fans, Owner-san has not forgotten you.


At 9:13pm On Dec 11th 2017, Owner-san wrote...
Big news for GUNPLA fanatics. Owner-san has just learned that his supplier is pre-ordering for a PREMIUM BANDAI master grade kit. This is exciting news that Owner-san hasn't been able to talk to them about yet. Does this mean that P-Bandai is now available? Is this a short term or one time thing or has Bandai thrown open the doors??
First thing first though, Neo Tokyo only has until the 13th of December to put in any requests for this kit so contact Owner-san immediately if you want to get your hands on this first time P-Bandai event for Neo Tokyo.

MG 1/100 MBF-02VV Gundam Astray Turn Red
SKU: 0224809
$110 (approximately)

At 3:58pm On Dec 9th 2017, Owner-san wrote...
Neo Tokyo received a small manga week that still manages to have more titles that must be read than Owner-san probably will have time to get to. New work from Junji Ito is sure to creep readers out, nobody does creepy like Junji Ito. A new Robotech art book that has already (as of Owner-san typing this) vanished from the shelves and Owner-san has re-ordered to try and have enough for the clamoring otaku. Another couple of new manga have also started this week that Owner-san canít wait to get to as well as the ongoing titles heís trying to follow.

That being said Neo Tokyo has already received another shipment of all manner of bags and trinkets that Owner-san should be back to post about shortly as well as Monday looks to have a truly enormous manga shipment roll in that Owner-san honestly has no idea where to put. Neo Tokyoís manga shelves remain stuffed well past capacity and Owner-san just canít seem to stop bringing in more.
For the moment though there are great manga to post and Owner-san is rapidly running out of daylight.

Anti-Magic Academy 35th Platoon Complete
Attack on Titan No Regrets Color HC Collected
Blood Blockade Battlefront 08
Bloody Mary 09
Cells at Work 05
Dragonar Academy 13
Fire Force 07
Grimgar of Fantasy & Ash Novel 04
Helvetica Standard Italic (02)
Karneval 08
Magika Swordsman & Summoner 08
Robotech Visual Archive Macross Saga HC
Shiver Omni HC (Junji Ito)
Tales of Zestiria 03
Wake Up Sleeping Beauty 01

OTAKU LUV (other items)
Love Live Umi Sonoda FigFix Cheerleader Ver Statue

Brendon B. your Magika Swordsman & Summoner 08 is in.
Emily P. your Blood Blockade Battlefront 08, Bloody Mary 09, Grimgar of Fantasy & Ash Novel 04 and Karneval 08 are in.
Natasha G. your Karneval 08 is in.
Scott your Blood Blockade Battlefront 08 and Magika Swordsman & Summoner 08 are in.
Sonya R. your Love Stage 05 (Yaoi), Midnight Secretary 03, Shuriken and Pleats 01 and World's Greatest First Love 02 (Yaoi) are in.

Owner-san will be returning shortly, as soon as heís finished receiving all of the trinkets piled up in boxes currently. No time to pause.


At 4:54pm On Dec 5th 2017, Owner-san wrote...
Owner-san finally found time to start to catchup on some of the new titles that have begun in recent weeks and he wasnít disappointed. He has, however, added yet again to the giant list of titles he has to finish.

Children of Whales is a post-apocalyptic fantasy that reminds Owner-san very much of the Ghibli story Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. The mangaís art and design are very similar and the setting could be set in Nausicaaís world without question. Chakuro lives on the Mud Whale, a clay city floating in an endless sea of sand. He, like most of the people of Mud Whale, is a saimia wielder giving him magical powers but at the cost of shortening his life. Chakuro is different from his fellow citizens though as he is compulsively driven to archive every detail of life about their isolated community. His compulsion leads him into danger when a scouting party recovers a girl, the lone injured survivor from another floating community. Chakuro knows next to nothing about the world beyond his isolated existence but this silent girl seems to know secrets about his home that he never suspected existed.

Dragonís Crown reminds Owner-san of one of the old 8-bit fantasy video games. Tongue in cheek from the first page it hits all of the fantasy world tropes in a massively over the top way. Impossibly muscle bound heroes and impossibly busty heroines (Amazon is both) undertake a quest to stop evil wizards who have opened a demonic gate. The evil doerís motives are a little vague and the heroes canít seem to stay on task terribly well but it is all good fun.

Magical Girls Spec Ops Asuka is another entry in the new Magical Girl Apocalypse sub-genre that has become popular recently. Set several years after the alien invasion that the Magical Girl Special Ops force was developed to defeat magical girls have become much more common. Only five survived the final battle but now hundreds are scattered all over the planet. Asuka is trying to achieve a normal life of quiet after the horrors of the war but evil (though unbelievably cute) forces of evil are seeking her out. Her newfound normal life and friends are in danger again as her old life seems unwilling to stay in the past.

Ocean of Secrets is the story of Lia, an orphan swept out to sea in a storm where she is rescued by Moria and Albert whoíve been falsely accused and on the run from their magical kingdom home for ten years. Lia decides to stay on their flying ship and soon finds that she is far more entwined in the history of their magical world than she could have ever believed.

To Your Eternity, from the creator of Silent Voice, is the story of an orb. Something that isnít exactly alive and certainly isnít aware but it has one ability, it can metamorphose into whatever it touches. Arriving on earth it takes the form of a wolf (after some time spent as a rock) who is the only companion of a young boy who is the only survivor of his frozen village. When the boy leaves the empty village to find the rest of his tribe the wolf follows learning from everything it observes. The story explores life and death through the eyes of something that doesnít understand either.

Owner-san has an unending list of manga he still wants to read but he will return when heís found time to look into the next batch of new titles.

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