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At 12:58pm Yesterday by Owner-san
Konnichiwa Wilson Sadly I don't think we can find those for you, Pokemate (as far as Owner-san knows) never really got licensed for North America s...

At 9:53am Yesterday by Wilson
Hi I'm just wondering if it would be possible to order in any pokemate keychain figures? I can't find them for order anywhere.

At 7:36am On Apr 5th 2014 by Mugen
Awesome! Here's to hoping he can move his arm again! =p

At 12:13pm On Apr 3rd 2014 by Owner-san
Konnichiwa Mugen, Update of the surgery on X, he's now with the experts at Game Chamber and they feel they'll be able to put in a pin that will get...
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At 7:39pm On Apr 19th 2014, Owner-san wrote...
Owner-san returns with the last minute posting for the week’s new manga and with another order of just about everything waiting for him to finish the paperwork so that it can be released onto the shelves of Neo Tokyo and into the hearts of all its loyal patrons. Legally mandated days off not to mention looming tax deadlines and inventory counts (not to mention painting and rebuilding certain select portions of Neo Tokyo) are all conspiring to keep Owner-san from his appointed rounds but he WILL return soon with yet more glad tidings.

In the category of brand new and never before see at Neo Tokyo we have Devils and Realist this week. William Twinning has everything going for him thanks to both his own ability and his family’s immense wealth but finds he is unable to continue his lifestyle and education when his family is suddenly destitute. William, a modern man with no time for superstition, sets out to find some way to pay the bills when he accidentally summons a demon with a seal he finds in his uncle’s mansion. The demon, Dantalion, tells him that his destiny is to appoint the next ruler in Hell but William believes none of it even after would be rulers begin to show up at his door. The art reminds Owner-san very much of Black Butler (though the clothing is a little less frilly so far) and Betrayal Knows My Name fans should check this title out as it has a very similar feel to it.

Afterschool Charisma 09
Certain Scientific Railgun 09
Devils and Realist 01
Fairy Tail 37
Love in Hell 03
Missions of Love 07
No. 6 06
Wolfsmund 04
World War Blue 05

Gothic & Lolita Bible 49 Japanese
Hobby Japan 2014 03 Mar Japanese

Adam S. your Certain Scientific Railgun 09 is in.
Alex O. your Certain Scientific Railgun 09, and Afterschool Charisma 09 are in.
Andrea T. your No. 6 06 is in.
Brad J. your Afterschool Charisma 09 is in.
Debbie F. your Fairy Tail 37 is in.
Diane T. your Missions of Love 07 is in.
Emily P. your World War Blue 05, Missions of Love 07, Fairy Tail 37, and No. 6 06 are in.
Georgia K. your Missions of Love 07 is in.
Jason C. your Certain Scientific Railgun 09 is in.
Mike O. your Sword Art Online 01 Aincrad is in.
Scott M. your Love in Hell 03, Certain Scientific Railgun 09, and Fairy Tail 37 are in.
Shaun B. your Fairy Tail 37 is in.

Amy B. your Gothic & Lolita Bible 49 is in.

Also not to be forgotten is Free Comic Book Day, it rushes toward us like a freight train filled with frivolity. Owner-san has almost all of the preparations in place but there is always something that goes sideways or is forgotten at the last moment. Still so much to do and no time to pause.


At 5:12pm On Apr 17th 2014, Owner-san wrote...

Owner-san must take a moment from wading through the orders that have come in to post word of the Easter situation for Neo Tokyo.

Owner-san is forced by law to be closed ALL DAY Friday and Sunday. Owner-san himself can’t possibly stay away that long but sadly he is forced to keep the door locked to keep the mandatory day off laws from coming down on him.

Neo Tokyo WILL be open as normal on Saturday and again on Monday and Owner-san is hoping to have the orders sorted out and the glad tidings posted by the beginning of Saturday so stay tuned for further updates and good news.


At 4:07pm On Apr 14th 2014, Owner-san wrote...
Owner-san returns to posting good news taking a break from sorting out shipments arriving at Neo Tokyo. Two more are due to arrive tomorrow so now is the time to get the posting of the new anime for the week up. Free Comic Book Day rushes toward us like a freight train and Owner-san still has much to do to be ready but enormous piles of boxes of giveaway books have begun to arrive and the basement begins to fill to capacity.

Brand new beginning this week anime includes Dallos OAV, Mighty Space Miners, Psycho Pass Season 1, Space Adventure Cobra TV Part 1, and Upotte. Honourable mention should also go out to Dragon Half and Ranma ½ who are not exactly new but have returned on DVD and/or BluRay after being impossible to find forever. If you haven’t seen Dragon Half and have ever played a Japanese RPG you must see it, it remains one of Owner-san’s favourites for insane fantasy comedies. If you haven’t seen Ranma then you’ve missed one of the foundation pillers of anime comedy and you should immediately seek it out. It stands at the beginning of all gender bending sit-coms in anime.

The Dallos OAV is from Mamoru Oshii who was director in (or otherwise instrumental to) Blood the Last Vampire, Ghost in the Shell (movies and Stand Alone Complex), Jin-Roh, Patlabor (TV, OVA, and movies), and many more. Mankind has moved to the moon from a used up earth and conflict has followed (with all manner of old school moon mecha and power suit combat) when a mysterious being appears to give hope. The Mighty Space Miners OAV is another old school sci-fi anime about a mining colony accidentally reduced to ruins and the survivors trying to survive in the aftermath. While it was once released on VHS Owner-san is still counting it as a new anime as it hasn’t seen the light of day since the mid 90’s. Continuing the trend of vintage sci-fi anime is Space Adventure Cobra about a kick ass space pirate with kick ass 80’s hair and a big gun for a hand. If you can picture 007 (not the current one, the one from the 80’s) crossed with Lupin III but with more bikinis you have a pretty good image of Space Adventure Cobra. It is an old school sci-fi bonanza.
To shake things up we also have Psycho Pass and Upotte. Psycho Pass feels like the love child of Ghost in the Shell and Death Note. About badass criminals that only see the light of day because they are needed to hunt down badass psychotics in a futuristic setting run amok. This is definitely on the must see list for Owner-san, the reviews and ratings are off the charts. In counterpoint to the hyper gritty and super violent Psycho Pass we have Upotte which is definitely much more to the ridiculous side of anime. While technically a slice of life comedy about several middle school girls the really noteworthy (and somewhat incomprehensible) thing about it is that all of the girls are actually military assault rifles in girly form. All of the various attributes of the particular rifle take the form of personality / physical traits of the girl. Another of those uniquely Japanese stories that you never fully understand but is still hilarious.

Accel World Set 02 BluRay
Bleach Box Set 20 (ep 280-291)
Dallos OVA
Digimon Season 5 Collection
Dragon Ball Z Season 3 BluRay
Dragon Half OAV
Fairy Tail Part 09 DVD & BluRay
Ikki Tousen Season 4 Xtreme Xecutor + OVA Collection
Is This A Zombie Season 1 Classic Collection DVD & BluRay
Mighty Space Miners OAV
One Piece Season 5 Part 6 (ep 325-336)
Princess Nine Collection
Psycho Pass Premium Season 1 Collection
Psycho Pass Season 1 Part 1 DVD & BluRay
Psycho Pass Season 1 Part 2 DVD & BluRay
Ranma 1/2 Set 1 (2014)
Ranma 1/2 Set 1 BluRay (2014)
Robotics Notes Part 2 DVD & BluRay
Shakugan no Shana Season 1 SAVE DVD & BluRay
Space Adventure Cobra TV Part 1
Upotte Collection
Yu Gi Oh Classic Season 4 Collection

Amber –Lynne L. your Is This a Zombie Season 1 LE defect replacement is in.
Caitlin H. your Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OVA Collection BluRay & DVD is in.
Donald H. your Fairy Tail Part 09 DVD & BluRay is in.
Emma S. your Death Note L Changes the World Live Action is in.
Grant W. your Bleach Box Set 06 (ep 110-121) and Fairy Tail Part 09 DVD & BluRay is in.
Holly G. your Fairy Tail Collection 2 DVD & BluRay is in.
John L. your Dragon Half OAV is in.
Kurt L. your Is This A Zombie Season 1 Classic Collection DVD and BluRay is in.
Kyle B. Fairy Tail Part 09 DVD & BluRay is in.
Matt C. your Psycho Pass Season 1 Part 1 & 2 are in.
Norm C. your Shigurui Death Frenzy Collection is in.
Paul W. your Queen’s Blade Season 2 Evil Eye Complete is in.
Richard E. your Soul Eater Complete Collection is in.
Stephanie W. your Fairy Tail Part 09 DVD & BluRay is in.
William S. your Robotics Notes Part 2 DVD & BluRay is in.
Zachery W. your One Piece Collection 5 (ep 104-130) is in.

Kate-Lynn M. your My Little Pony Derpy POP Vinyl and My Little Pony DJ Pon3 POP Vinyl Figures are in.

Owner-san must now launch into paperwork for one of the many shipments about to arrive in an attempt to have it done before yet another shipment arrives and derails his focus. No time to pause.


At 2:53pm On Apr 10th 2014, Owner-san wrote...
Owner-san returns on schedule (more or less) this week with the Neo Tokyo weekly update on new manga. Owner-san still has two more shipments threatening to arrive any moment so Owner-san must hurry up and get this post up and get ready for the next wave for the weekend. Most of this week is also on Owner-san’s MUST READ list so there must be time found for that too.

Brand new this week we have two titles, well sort of three. The sort of new title is Megatokyo, which has been released in the past but was dropped and is returning in an all new omnibus format. So far it seems that Owner-san has underestimated the pent up interest in this book as it has already sold out but Owner-san is working on getting more. In the really actually brand new this week category are the other two titles. Alice in the Country of Clover Nightmare is a standalone manga about Nightmare Gottschalk the sickly incubus that loves Alice, but the question is is he the man of her dreams? The latest installment in the never endingly popular ‘Alice in the Country of…’ series Owner-san still hasn’t figured out how they all fit together but that doesn’t seem to be important. What Did You Eat Yesterday is an award winning slice of life shonen-ai comedy about Shiro Kakei, a lawyer still in the closet, and his boyfriend Kenji Yabuki, an openly gay hair stylist dealing with the trials and tribulations of a modern gay couple.

Alice in the Country of Clover Nightmare
Deadman Wonderland (Viz) 02
Itsuwaribito 11
Knights of Sidonia 08
Magi the Labyrinth of Magic 05
Megatokyo Omni 1 1-2-3
What Did You Eat Yesterday 01

Megami 2013 12 Dec Japanese
Newtype 2013 12 Dec Japanese
Wind Rises Art Book (Ghibli)

Devin M. your Megatokyo Omni 01 is in.
Duncan J. your Knights of Sidonia 08 is in.
Judy M. your Itsuwaribito 11 is in.
Kelly M. your Itsuwaribito 11 is in.
Ryan W. your Megatokyo Omni 01 is in.
Scott M. your Knights of Sidonia 08, and Deadman Wonderland 02 are in.

Homin P. your Newtype Magazine Dec 2013 and Megami Magazine Dec 2013 are in.

Owner-san must now launch into the paperwork for bringing the next giant batch of all things anime over the border and into the lands of Neo Tokyo. Owner-san is also working away on figuring out the giant list of new manga for the coming month. It is a great deal of work but how could wading through all of the new manga about to arrive not be spectacular?? No time to pause.


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