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At 12:52pm On Mar 17th 2018 by Owner-san
Konnichiwa Sam, It is in the boxes I mentioned in the post (that I'm about to put up) that I will be working on sorting out this afternoon. We sho...

At 6:00pm On Mar 5th 2018 by Ranpo470
Have any copies arrived yet? I'd love to know, I pre-ordered a copy. SO EXCITED

At 4:16pm On Jul 9th 2016 by Owner-san
Konnichiwa J, Sorry for the slow reply, missed your message here. In answer we have a fair number of merchandise items (necklaces, keychains, po...

At 3:50pm On Jul 2nd 2016 by Jonnemcg93
Hey all just looking to see what prices and availability of anything kingdom hearts mostly manga tho. Also looking to see what the price and availabil...
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At 12:54pm On Mar 17th 2018, Owner-san wrote...
Owner-san has another couple of shipment to receive and hopes to be back shortly with more good news but he’s going to take the opportunity now to post the manga, figures, and GUNPLA that has come in and is sorted out before launching into the next pile of boxes.
Owner-san will return as soon as possible with another posting but for now he’ll get on to the good part.

Blade of the Immortal Omni 05 13-15
DNA Doesn't Tell Us 01
Genshiken Second Season 12 (Final Volume)
Girl From the Other Side Siuil a Run 04
Land of the Lustrous 05
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz 05 Glory of the Losers
Nirvana 02
Seven Deadly Sins 25
Sorry for My Familiar 01
To Love Ru Omni 03 5-6
To Your Eternity 03
Twinkle Stars 05
UQ Holder 13
My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected 06

OTAKU LUV (other items)
Digimon Metal Gaurumon Digivolving Spirits Adventure No 2 Figure
Haikyu Lev Haiba Nendoroid #806
Haikyu Morisuke Yaku Nendoroid #807
Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks POP Vinyl #313
Dragon Ball Super Goku Black POP Vinyl #314
Dragon Ball Super Zamasu POP Vinyl #316

Daylon M. your Konosuba 02 is in.
Emily P. your Blade of the Immortal Omni 05 13-15, Girl From the Other Side Siuil a Run 04, Seven Deadly Sins 25, Twinkle Stars 05, and UQ Holder 13 are in.
Fred M. your One Piece 78 is in.
Jeremy V. your D Frag 02 is in.
Kyle Z. you rDragon Ball VIZBIG 05 is in.
Leanne W. your Genshiken Second Season 12 is in.
Nick M. your Akira 01 is in.
Paul D. your Food Wars Shokugeki no Soma 12 is in.
Scott M. your Genshiken Second Season 12, Girl From the Other Side Siuil a Run 04, Seven Deadly Sins 25, To Love Ru Omni 03 5-6, and UQ Holder 13 are in.

Adam R. your Gundam HGbf 1/144 A-Z GUNDAM Model Kit is in.
Chris C. your Gundam HG Orphans #002 1/144 Graze Standard Commander Type Model Kit is in.
Jesse C. your Gundam HGuc 1/144 GUNPLA Starter Kit Model Kits are in.
Nicholas R. your Gundam RE/100 Mobile Suit Gundam 1/100 MSN-04 II Nightingale Model Kit is in.
Stuart F. your Star Wars 1/144 & 1/350 Resistance Vehicle Set Model Kit is in.

Paula C. your Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks POP Vinyl #313

Owner-san, as mentioned, has three more shipments to sort out and is trying to get another order placed for another shipment of GUNPLA for next week. More so than usual, there is no time to pause.


At 3:57pm On Mar 12th 2018, Owner-san wrote...
Owner-san has been trying to find some time to sit down with a few of the many new manga titles that have begun recently and he finally managed to read through a few and found time to post what he thought. Less time typing means more time to read so Owner-san will get right to it.

Astra Lost in Space is the story of nine students going on their planet camping school trip. Randomly selected they set off to spend five days surviving on an alien planet using their wits and ingenuity. Almost immediately after the teachers leave them however a mysterious accident sends them not nine light years from home as expected but more than five thousand light years from home aboard a derelict spaceship they name the Astra. Despite this desperate situation; no supplies, no means of communication, and very little hope; the students set out to martial their assorted skills and strengths to try and find a way home. The question remains though, why has this happened? Also it seems that someone aboard the Astra has deliberately sabotaged the ship. Who are they and what are they up to? Owner-san will be reading more to find out.

Gabriel Dropout is a silly book that combines a sort of everyday book about nothing in particular vibe from K-ON along with the supernatural hilarity of Devil is a Part Timer. Gabriel scored top marks in the Angel Academy before beginning her time among humans on earth. The Academy didn’t prepare Gab for modern human life however and she fell victim an addiction to human pop culture. Now she’s skipping school for video games and her demon friend Vignette is the responsible one. Soon enough other devil’s and angels appear all determined to interfere with Gab’s high scores. Silly and fun is what Owner-san thought of it.

Juana & Dragonewts Seven Kingdoms is the story of Nid, a carnivore dragonewt just trying to avoid the herbivore bullies that hate him for his blood line’s history of eating them. Nid spends his time scavenging the ruins of the the Muernandes, the old people that died out in the time of Nid’s grandfather’s grandfather and left the world littered with knowledge and technology. Nid is happy just scavenging Muenande ruins and keeping a low profile, so much so that some think he’s a coward, when he discovers something that isn’t supposed to exist anymore, a muernande hatchling. Now Nid is stuck with trying to figure out how to care for and protect a little girl named Juana when he can’t understand a word she says and has only a vague idea of what to feed her. J & D looks like it is going to be an interesting world to explore.

Nirvana is a portal fantasy, one of those manga where the main character is transported to another world, and while that is a tried and true starting point Nirvana does it in such a way that it doesn’t feel worn out. Yachiyo Hitotose is a girl driven to help others and she leaps at the chance to volunteer overseas but things go awry when her plane goes down and the last thing she remembers is a voice telling her ‘Do Not Despair’. She finds herself reincarnated into Gulgraf, a very different world than the one she knows where everyone tells her she is the goddess Lady Sakuya re-awakened despite the fact that couldn’t feel less god-like. The world needs the Goddess though as monsters threaten the people everywhere and the Lady Sakuya’s twelve heroes are scattered and divided. Can Yachiyo live up to her destiny and find and unite the heroes?

Promised Neverland is an intriguing title that Owner-san will definitely be keeping up with. At the Grace Field House orphanage Mom looks after all of the children with love. All of her orphans know that they have a bright future thanks to her. They get the best food, comfortable beds, clean clothes, they spend their days laughing and playing, and the only school they have to worry about are the daily tests. Best of all everyone is adopted by age 12 at the latest so they know they have a loving family to look forward to. Emma, Norman, and Ray, who all all score brilliantly during their daily tests, are all only a few months from turning 12 when they uncover a dark secret behind their idyllic life. That nothing in their lives is remotely like what they thought it was, that Mom isn’t who they think she is, and their future is infinitely more grim than they thought. Promised Neverland has the wtf element from Attack on Titan keeping you turning pages and very much has the feel like it will accelerate in violence as well. For right now the suspense is building and Owner-san is looking forward to more.

Red Riding Hood and the Big Sad Wolf has a very Alice in Wonderland, everything us upside down feel to it. Wolf loves flowers, sings with the birds, and struggles not to burst into tears multiple times a day. Sadly for him he lives in woods inhabited by a bizarre collection of creatures bent on making him miserable. There’s Hawk and his sidekick Crow, Hawk is obsessed with superficial beauty and is good at everything (sparkling most of all) and Crow is obsessed with Hawk. There’s the travelling Bunny who has a bit of a drinking problem and a feud with Red Riding Hood. There’s the quadruplet hunter brothers who all wear the same mask, can’t even tell each other apart, and make Elmer Fudd look like predator. Finally there’s Red Riding Hood who is an arsonist and sadist who has fallen in love with Wolf because she just can’t get enough of him crying (after she burned down his house). It is a mad mad world that Wolf lives in and the zaniness can’t help but put a smile on your face.

Owner-san hopes you try out what titles here you might find of interest and that this helped find them.


At 1:16pm On Mar 12th 2018, Owner-san wrote...
Owner-san is back the week’s new manga, he’s been catching up on Neo Tokyo’s book-keeping but did manage to find some time to also catch up on some of the manga that he’s had set aside to read. Full disclosure: Owner-san sometimes hides manga so that he can have a chance to read them before they vanish from Neo Tokyo’s shelves. Being Owner-san has more than a few perks after all. Owner-san will be trying to find time to put up his list of (relatively) newly started titles that have come to Neo Tokyo soon.

On the GUNPLA (sort of) front Owner-san has just received word that the Star Wars figure model kits will finally be available in the next month or two. He’s also received word that another P-Bandai gundam kit has been slated for North American release, he update the voracious GUNPLA fans as soonas he knows more.

For the moment Neo Tokyo’s next week of manga is sure to arrive in the next few hours so he had best get this list posted before he’s behind by more than one.

Arifureta From Commonplace to World's Strongest 01
Barakamon 15
Battle Angel Alita Deluxe HC 02
Blue Morning 07 (Yaoi)
Demon Prince of Momochi House 11
Devil's Line 10
Frau Faust 04
Kaguya-sama Love is War 01
Monster Musume 13
One Piece Omni 23 67-69 New World
Prison School 09
Psycho Pass Inspector Shinya Kogami 04
QQ Queen's Quality 03
Splatoon 02
Sweet Blue Flowers 03
Yu Gi Oh Arc V 03

OTAKU LUV (other items)
Dragon Ball Z Son Goku Blood of Saiyans Figure
Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Grandista Resolution of Soldiers Figure
Dragon Ball Sculptures Bulma Ending Ver Figure
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Jotaro Figure Gallery V6 Figure
One Piece Luffy King of Artists 20th Ann Figure
One Piece Portgas D Ace Sculptures Big Zoukei06 Figure
Sailor Moon Crystal Sailor Pluto Figuarts Zero Guardian Ver

Andre N. your Prison School 09 is in.
Brendyn B. your Monster Musume 13 is in.
Dom G. your One Piece Omni 23 67-69 New World is in.
Emily P. your Blue Morning 07 (Yaoi), Demon Prince of Momochi House 11, Devil's Line 10, Frau Faust 04 and QQ Queen's Quality 03 are in.
Eric G. your Monster Musume 13 is in.
Harry D. your Devil's Line 10 is in.
Jonathan M. your Monster Musume 13 is in.
Marcel F. your Monster Musume 13 is in.
Robert D. your Monster Musume 13 and Nurse Hitomi's Monster Infirmary 02 are in.
Scott your Barakamon 15,Battle Angel Alita Deluxe HC 02 Frau Faust 04, One Piece Omni 23 67-69 New World and Prison School 09 are in.
Stephanie C. your Devil's Line 10 is in.

Fred M. your One Piece Luffy King of Artists 20th Ann Figure is in.

Owner-san also expects another shipment of GUNPLA to arrive today to help keep the Neo Tokyo’s shelves as full as possible with cool model kits. With the number of enormous boxes no doubt about to arrive Owner-san needs to clear space to work on sorting them out. No time to pause.


At 3:21pm On Mar 5th 2018, Owner-san wrote...
Owner-san if finally back with another posting. In catching up on his paperwork he fell behind on the good stuff, letting all of the loyal otaku of Neo Tokyo know what has come in for them. Thankfully the minions were still hard at work and the usual notifications went out and the pics went up on facebook as usual. Owner-san just has to add his usual blather and put up the lists.
Owner-san also brought in a pile of the various Gundam anime collections that had gone missing from the shelves of Neo Tokyo and were sorely missed. Neo Tokyo now has about all of the Gundam DVD & BluRay collections you could ever want but who knows how long that will last.
As Owner-san was typing another fridge cart full of boxes of manga have arrived so he’s going to go ahead and get on with the good part. Enjoy!!

Again 01
Anonymous Noise 07
Astra Lost in Space 02
Battle Angel Alita Mars Chronicle 01
Beasts of Abigaile 03
Bleach 72
Bloody Mary 10
Boruto 03 Naruto Next Generations
Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card 02
Clockwork Planet Novel 01
Dimension W 09
Flowers of Evil Omni 02 4-6
Gundam Mobile Suit Thunderbolt 06
Haikyu 21
Hunter X Hunter 34
Kiss Him Not Me 13
Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess 03
One Punch Man 13
Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire 06
Tales of Wedding Rings 01
Tokyo Ghoul RE 03
Trinity Seven 12
Young Master's Revenge 01

OTAKU LUV (other items)
Legend of the Galactic Heroes Heldensagen Vom Kosmoshinsel Yang Wen-Li ArtFX J Statue
One Piece Nami POP Vinyl Figure #328

David M. your Angel Beats! Complete Collection BluRay is in.
Ryan H. your Daphne in the Brilliant Blue Collection 2 is in.
Tanner S. your Gurren Lagann Complete BluRay Box 10th Anniversary is in.

Anne D. your Tsubasa Omni 05 13-14-15 is in.
Deanna T. your Tokyo Mew Mew Omni 01, 02 and 03 are in.
Elsbeth D. your Haikyu 21 is in.
Emily P. your Bleach 72, Bloody Mary 10, Dimension W 09, Hunter X Hunter 34, Kiss Him Not Me 13 and Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess 03 are in.
Havin A. your Tokyo Ghoul RE 03 is in.
Jason E. your Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess 03 is in.
Jennifer N. your Anonymous Noise 07 is in.
Kyle H. your One Punch Man 13 is in.
Lise B. your Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card 02 is in.
Natasha G. your Tokyo Ghoul RE 03
Paul D. your One Punch Man 13 is in.
Phil N. your One Punch Man 13 is in.
Rachel S. your Bleach 72 is in.
Rob R. your Tokyo Ghoul RE 03 is in.
Ryan C. your Gundam Mobile Suit Thunderbolt 06 is in.
Ryder H. your Tokyo Ghoul RE 03 is in.
Sacha Z. your One Punch Man 13 is in.
Scott your Battle Angel Alita Mars Chronicle 01Bleach 72, Dimension W 09, One Punch Man 13, Tales of Wedding Rings 01 and Trinity Seven 12 are in.
Scott M. your Boruto 03 Naruto Next Generations is in.
Stephanie W. your Haikyu 21 is in.
Theresa L .your Bleach 72 is in.
Tristan O. your Tokyo Ghoul RE 03 is in.
Veronica K. your Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card 02 is in.

Paula C. your Stranger Things Eleven with Eggos POP Vinyl is in.

Owner-san will now dive into all of the manga that has just arrived and be back soon with another list for this week. No time to pause.


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