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At 9:01pm On Jul 4th 2015 by Spoooksss
Hallo Owner-San, I was wondering if there was a chance you could order in clow cards from card captors?

At 4:00pm On Jun 25th 2015 by Owner-san
Konnichiwa Keint, Sadly at this point no, Owner-san has been meaning for some time to look into another supplier specifically to get access to Poké...

At 12:56pm On Jun 24th 2015 by Keint
Greetings Owner-san, I'm looking for TCG cards, and I understand you normally don't carry them, but was wondering if you could order them in (assuming...

At 6:28pm On Apr 19th 2015 by Mugen
Hey Owner-san, I was wondering if you had any updates on my Dukemon/Gallantman D-Arts? I was hoping it would have released by now, but was wondering i...
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At 5:31pm On May 21st 2016, Owner-san wrote...
Owner-san is back for his second post of the day to catch up with all of the shipments that have arrived this week. As time is slipping away from Owner-san and the weekend is flying by he will be brief (ish) and to the point.

As well as the good news to all of the hungry otaku listed below Owner-san also has a couple of things to remind and inform the loyal patrons of. As everyone knows this is the long weekend and Owner-san reminds everyone that Neo Tokyo will be closed Monday May 23rd for Victoria Day.

Owner-san also wanted to thank all of the giving otaku that donated to the Fort McMurray relief fund through Neo Tokyo. Donations starting on Free Comic Book Day as well as proceeds from Neo Tokyo’s anime grab bag sales all helped for Neo Tokyo to set a personal best in donations to a good cause. Special thanks to the single largest donor Jason Chan. Owner-san has forwarded all donations on to the Red Cross and that money is already helping those who need it.

Arthur D. your Naruto Shippuden Box Sets 19, 21, and 22 are in.
Blair H. your Kawai Complex Guide to Manors & Hostel Behavior Collection is in.
Crystal V. your When They Cry Higurashi Season 1 Collection is in.
Devon B. your Revolutionary Girl Utena Season 1 Student Council Saga and Revolutionary Girl Utena Season 3 Apocalypse Saga are in.
Jason C. your Gundam X After War Collection 1 is in.
Jeff C. your Blade & Soul BluRay Collection is in.
John B. your Full Metal Panic S1 Classic Collection DVD & BluRay and Paprika Movie are in.
Leslie M. your Gundam X After War Collection 1, Gundam Zeta Collection 1 & 2 BluRay, and Gundam ZZ Collection 1 BluRay are in.
Misty G. your Rick & Morty Season 1 Collection is in.
Pete F. your Gundam X After War Collection 1 is in.
Ryder H. your Assassination Classroom Season 1 Part 1 Limited Edition DVD & BluRay and Pandora Hearts Set 1 Standard Edition are in.
Sandra S. your Sword Art Online II Part 2 Phantom Bullet is in.
Sean K. your Ranma 1/2 Set 1 (2014) and Trigun Classic Collection are in.

Brandon C. your Red River 11 is in.
Jennifer L. your Tail of the Moon 01, 03, 09, 10, 13, and 15 are in.
Justin C. your Reborn 07 is in.
Sandra S. your SA Special A 13 is in.

Devon B. your Revolutionary Girl Utena Angel Creation CD Soundtrack and Revolutionary Girl Utena Movie CD Soundtrack are in.

That should take care of all of this week’s shipments and Owner-san can dive into sorting out what will be arriving as soon as Neo Tokyo opens the doors again next week as well as working through the list of the next month’s manga and figures to get the list Neo Tokyo needs put together. The flow of manga and anime must never stop so Owner-san must (and loves to) keep ordering more and more. No time to pause.


At 11:59am On May 21st 2016, Owner-san wrote...
Owner-san was just trying to finish this posting when two more shipments arrived so he will be brief so that he has a fighting chance to try and sort them out to be ready before the weekend is over. With that in mind Owner-san will get directly to it.

Three new books are starting this week all with supernatural monsters but in VERY different genres.
To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts is a surprisingly complicated story. It is set in what seems to be an alternate post civil war America but one where forbidden magical means were used to create mythological creatures, incarnates, from volunteers to fight in the war. Now, while the war is over, the fight goes on for the incarnates who survived as they are in constant danger of losing their humanity to their bestial side. Sergeant Major Hank, their commander in the war, swore an oath with all of the incarnates that if they lost their humanity they would be put to rest by their comrades. Now he travels the country searching out the incarnates that have turned against those they fought for in the war and keeping his oath.

Blood C Demonic Moonlight is a two volume prequel to Blood C saga set in 1946 Japan. American military investigator David, whose family has a reputation for solving mysterious killings, is called in when an American serviceman is killed and no one can say by what. Something sinister is lurking in the shadows.

Monster Musume I Heart Monster Girls is a spinoff of the core Monster Musume story. It is done in the four panel style and each chapter is done by different artist. The first volume includes chapters done by both the original Monster Musume creator as well as the creator of Nurse Hitomi’s Monster Infirmary. The first volume also includes three full colour monster girl postcards.

Abandoned Sacred Beasts 01
Blood C Demonic Moonlight 01
Devil Survivor 05
Forget Me Not 02
Monster Musume I Heart Monster Girls 01
Noragami Stray God 14
What a Wonderful World 02 (Inio Asano)

OTAKU LUV (other items)
Devil Survivor Official Material Art Book

Gabe D. your Legends of the Dark King Collection (Fist of the North Star Story) is in.

Blair H. your Citrus 03 (Yuri) is in.
Brad M. your High School of the Dead 01 is in.
Daniel L. your Senran Kagura Skirting Shadows 01 is in.
Dean S. your Attack on Titan 09’s are in.
Devon B. your Negima! Neo 07 is in.
Elsbeth D. your Noragami Stray God 14 is in.
Emily P. your Demon From Afar 04, Noragami Stray God 14 and Shaman King 23, 24, 25, 26, 29, 31 and 32 are in.
Havin A. your Devil Survivor 05 is in.
Jonathan F. your Master Keaton 01 is in.
Jonathan M. your Monster Musume I Heart Monster Girls 01 is in.
Kyle C. your Spice & Wolf 03, 04, and 05 are in.
Myla W. your Alice in the Country of Hearts Omni 02 and 03 are in.
Natasha G. your Noragami Stray God 14 is in.
Scott M. your Noragami Stray God 14 is in.
Scott S. your Are You Alice 02 is in.
Stephanie C. your Fairy Tail 03 is in.
Susan C. your Are You Alice 02 is in.
Tedna P. your Crimson Spell 01 (Yaoi) is in.
Wayne L. your Fairy Tail 07 and 10 are in.

Devon B. your Natsume's Book of Friends Madara Pattern Wristband is in.
Devon M. your Naruto Shippuden Joint Shinobi Army Headband is in.
Dom G. your Black Butler Sebastian POP Vinyl Figure is in.
Katie G. your Naruto Tsunade Charm Necklace is in.
Kevin M. your Sailor Moon Sailor Mercury Plush is in.
Jhunnie E. your Irregular at Magic High School Erika, Miyuki & Tatsuya (Long) Wallscroll and Irregular at Magic High School Tatsuya & Mikuki (Tall) Wallscroll are in.
Lilla M. your Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Cloudy Wolf Earphone Jack and Final Fantasy XV Heroes Group Wall Scroll are in.
Nicholas W. your Hellsing Magic Circle Messenger Bag is in.
Pete F. your Gurren Lagann Yoko Splash T Shirt (L) is in.

Owner-san hopes to return today with the news from the rest of the shipments that have come in. Therefore and as always, there is no time to pause.


At 5:10pm On May 12th 2016, Owner-san wrote...
Owner-san is back to report on the success that was this year’s Free Comic Book Day! Another record breaking day was had by all involved and Owner-san has received the glad tidings for all that have won prizes from making the trek to each and all of the locations taking part. Owner-san will have the minions making contact with the winners shortly but here is the entire list of all the prizes and the winners thereof. Owner-san has already launched into all of the ordering required to refill the shelves of Neo Tokyo after the (again) record breaking sales on Free Comic Book Day and already a shipment of new manga is in.

Enough of the talking about the good news though, Owner-san will get on to the winners and the good news for them.

Worlds Away
Conan action figure ............................... Jarrett Deneau
Michael Keaton/Batman action figure .........Dylan Rae
Frozen Elsa Pop figure ............................Adalyn McKay
Frozen Anna Pop figure ...........................Jewel Martin
New Avengers Vol. 2 HC (two copies) ........Neil McMillan & Cassandra Siewert

Walking Dead Compendium vols. 1 and 2 ............................Victor Gutierrez
Parker Martini Edition HC .................................................. Les McDowell
12"Breaking Bad Heisenberg action figure ............................Brent Burgess
Kotobukiya Artfx Halo Mjolnir Mark V and Mark VI statue ........Nicholas Bonk

LA Mood Comics & Games
Iron Man Headknocker ...........................Kevin Erazio-Sagastizado
Pokemon TCG Triple Power Tin ...............James Martin
Spera vol 1 HC .....................................Rebekah Brayton
The Smurfs Anthology vol 1 HC ..............Lisa White
X-men Mutant Revolution board game .....James Morrill

Comic Book Collector
Super Powers Green Lantern Figure .......Zachary Rooney
Sandman #8 ......................................Kim Rastin
Marvel Masterworks X-men vol 7 HC ......Luke Fera

Neo Tokyo The Anime Store
Kingdom Hearts 2 Xemas plush .................Montana Lina Wilson
Domo Kun lunch box ................................Erika Kolar
Ikki Tousen Season 1 dvd .........................Kelly Elliott
Yugo the Negotiator dvd collection .............Earl Austin
Fullmetal Alchemist vol 1 manga ................James Hagan
Ouran High School Host Club vol 2 manga ...Eric Alexander
Pokemon Pikachu plush ............................Evelyn Carpio-Sagastizado
Legend of Zelda Blushing Link plush ............Aidan Rea

Devils and Realist 09
Seven Deadly Sins 14
Tomodachi X Monster 02
Wallflower 36
What Did You Eat Yesterday 10

OTAKU LUV (other items)
Naruto Shippuden Kurama Kyubi POP Vinyl
Naruto Shippuden Naruto POP Vinyl

Arman B. your Seven Deadly Sins 14 is in.
Emily P. your Seven Deadly Sins 14, Wallflower 36, and What Did You Eat Yesterday 10 are in.
Jessie M. your Devils and Realist 09 is in.
Maryann C. your Devils and Realist 09 is in.
Natasha G. your Devils and Realist 09 is in.
Rachel S. your Wallflower 36 is in.
Shannon M. your Devils and Realist 09 is in.

Kaitlyn C. your Kite & Mezzo Forte 2 Pack Uncut is in.

Owner-san has already made arrangements for several anime shipments along with more manga and all manner of trinkets and plush and assorted other otaku luv. There is still much more to be ordered however and Owner-san has no time to pause (as usual).


At 6:18pm On May 5th 2016, Owner-san wrote...
FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is almost upon us, it’s practically here. Tell your friends, inevitably people forget and Owner-san has to listen to the wailing and lamentations when they come in and realize what they missed. Don’t let any of your friends go down that sad and lonely road or, even worse, go down it yourself.
As Saturday morning rushes toward us Owner-san is back with the posting for Neo Tokyo’s new books of the week. After the last few weeks of enormous new book shipments the publishers seem to be taking a break this week and giving us a light week of new books but with Free Comic Book Day we should all have enough books to keep us busy until next week.

Neo Tokyo’s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY giveaway this year will be TWO of the comic style books and ONE of the pocket novel style manga for each and every person who comes in until such time that it has all gone. As always the passports from Neo Tokyo will be ready to be picked up and all of the other participant store’s passports will be stamped for those making the full circuit for the additional prizes. Owner-san will also be putting together $20 mystery grab bags of anime that will have full retail value of $50 to $100 but supplies will be limited. There is also always the chance that as the spirit of FREE COMIC BOOK DAY moves through Owner-san he may declare other deals as the day goes on.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel 07
Centaur's Life 08
Genshiken Second Season 08
Nichijou My Ordinary Life 02
Oreimo Kuroneko 05
Testament of Sister New Devil 02

Alex B. your Astro Boy Omni 01 is in.
Jhunnie E. your Nichijou My Ordinary Life 02 is in.
Justin B. your Arpeggio of Blue Steel 07 is in.
Kate –Lynn M. your Centaur's Life 08 is in.
Leanne W. your Genshiken Second Season 08 is in.
Scott M. your Arpeggio of Blue Steel 07, Genshiken Second Season 08, Kill la Kill 01 and Oreimo Kuroneko 05 are in.

Owner-san has three shipments that he is hoping to have for Neo Tokyo in the near future, more GUNPLA, more manga, and more trinkets of every type but that is all to come after FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. For the moment there is still much to do before the tsunami of otaku arrive on Saturday. No time to pause.


787 Dundas Street - London - Ontario - N5W2Z6 - (519) 642-7862