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At 9:01pm On Jul 4th 2015 by Spoooksss
Hallo Owner-San, I was wondering if there was a chance you could order in clow cards from card captors?

At 4:00pm On Jun 25th 2015 by Owner-san
Konnichiwa Keint, Sadly at this point no, Owner-san has been meaning for some time to look into another supplier specifically to get access to Poké...

At 12:56pm On Jun 24th 2015 by Keint
Greetings Owner-san, I'm looking for TCG cards, and I understand you normally don't carry them, but was wondering if you could order them in (assuming...

At 6:28pm On Apr 19th 2015 by Mugen
Hey Owner-san, I was wondering if you had any updates on my Dukemon/Gallantman D-Arts? I was hoping it would have released by now, but was wondering i...
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At 2:42pm On Jul 31st 2015, Owner-san wrote...
Owner-san has just returned from the mayhem that is RibFest where he has left a diligent representative toiling in the heat to bring Neo Tokyo to the uninformed masses. Uninformed in that many of them don’t know that Neo Tokyo exists. For those of us that do know it should be said that there are many items that have never before been seen within the walls of Neo Tokyo. Owner-san brought in many new posters, plushes (particularly Pokemon plushes) and trinkets that will only make their first appearance in Neo Tokyo after Owner-san (and his diligent representation) have cleaned up at RibFest and returned with it all to Neo Tokyo. You have been warned; if you want first shot you must make the trek down and enjoy award winning food. It is a harsh requirement and Owner-san feels immediately guilty about it but he knows that the Otaku of Neo Tokyo are a hardy (not to mention hungry) bunch and feels they will survive. There may be a few casualties that over-rib and end up in a protein induced coma but we will light incense for them and pray for their recovery.

In the meantime the march of new manga will not be stopped. Owner-san’s minions have finished sorting through the new books for the week and have compiled the list of fortunate otaku with manga waiting for them. Fortunately for Owner-san it was a relatively light week and the minions have been able to handle it on auto pilot.

In new books beginning this week we have Haven't You Heard I'm Sakamoto, the story of Sakamoto (no one knows his first name). He’s the new kid that all the bullies and show-offs in class hate; they just can’t come out ahead when they go after him or anyone else in class. His secret skills are just too powerful.

Aquarion Evol 03
Devils and Realist 06
Dragonar Academy 07
Fairy Tail 49
Haven't You Heard I'm Sakamoto 01
Mega Man Robot Master Field Guide
Oh My Goddess Omni 01
More Heroes & Heroines Japanese Game & Animation Illus
Silent Voice 02
Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches 03

Debbie F. your Fairy Tail 49 is in.
Emily P. your Fairy Tail 49 is in.
Jessie M. your Devils and Realist 06 is in.
Natasha G. your Devils and Realist 06 is in.
Scott M. your Fairy Tail 49 is in.
Shannon M. your Devils and Realist 06 is in.

Owner-san will be in and out at RibFest for the weekend as well as back and forth to Neo Tokyo and will be at RibFest all day Sunday. Another important point is that Neo Tokyo will be closed on Monday for the Civic Holiday but we will be at Ribfest. For now Owner-san has even more ordering to do to keep RibFest from putting him (more) behind schedule. No time to pause.



At 3:24pm On Jul 26th 2015, Owner-san wrote...
Owner-san returns, with mere hours left to the weekend, finally having finished the posting he promised for new the latest shipment of anime. If all is as he has been told then everyone on the list has been notified (or the first attempt was made) and all is happily awaiting the voracious otaku to arrive. Many already have. But enough of that, on to the good part, bring on all the joyous squee’s of new anime!

Ben-To Collection LE DVD & BluRay
Chi's Sweet Home Collection (ep 1 - 104)
Legendary Armor Samurai Troopers OVA Collection
Violence Jack OVA Collection

Aaron P. your Lupin the Third Green VS Red OAV, Lupin the Third Movie Hemingway Papers Movie (S), Lupin the Third Movie Mystery of Mamo, and Lupin the Third Movie Napoleon's Dictionary are in.
Amber L. your Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind DVD & BluRay (Ghibli) is in.
Arthur D. your Naruto Shippuden Box Set 03 is in.
Carl D. your Samurai Champloo Collection (Classics) is in.
Chris W. your Monster Rancher Season 3 is in.
Darryl P. your Fairy Tail Collection 4 DVD & BluRay (ep 73-96) is in.
Debbie F. your Ben-To Collection LE DVD & BluRay, Inari Kon Kon Series + OVA Collection DVD & BluRay (S), Noragami Season 1 Limited Edition DVD & BluRay, and Sailor Moon R Season 2 Part 1 Limited Edition DVD & BluRay are in.
Gordon W. your Ghost in the Shell Arise 1 & 2 (Dub) DVD & BluRay is in.
Greg G. your Justice League Gods & Monsters Movie is in.
Jack O. your Soul Eater Complete Collection is in.
Jeff P. your Attack on Titan Part 2 LE DVD & BluRay, One Piece Collection 12 and 13 are in.
Jeremy V. your Last Unicorn Movie is in.
Jessica G. your RWBY Part 2 DVD & BluRay (Red, White, Black, Yellow) is in.
Micheal P. your Night When Evil Falls 03 (Hentai) is in.
Nathan D. your Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection 1 (1-5) is in.
Patty K. your Naruto Shippuden Box Set 06 and 07 are in.
Terry N. your Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection 1 (1-5) is in.
Wes G. your Naruto Shippuden Box Set 07 is in.
Wesley O. your Violence Jack OVA Collection is in.

Owner-san still has much ordering to do before the week begins and the next batch of shipment roll into Neo Tokyo. He is about to launch into all of the brand new model kit lines that he hopes to have on the shelves (the new ones that he can hear a minion toiling over building as he types) in very short order. Owner-san has not forgotten all of the new manga and anime that is even now shouting ‘ME! PICK ME!’ from the various catalogs that Owner-san has before him. The new anime is always so excitable. No time to pause!


At 11:55am On Jul 25th 2015, Owner-san wrote...
Owner-san is back with another new week of manga with a heavy dose of art books on the side. Another shipment of anime has also arrived that Owner-san was hoping to have ready for the weekend but as the week has just ended he’s missed out there. Owner-san will be working on the anime shipment and hopefully have is sorted out before the weekend is over and be back with another posting. Fingers crossed. In the meantime Owner-san will get this post put up and work on spreading the word to all the soon-to-be happy otaku on the list below.

Atelier Escha & Logy Alchemists of the Dusk Sky Collection (S)
My Little Monster Premium Collection DVD & BluRay
One Week Friends Collection (S)
Watamote (No Matter How I Look At It) Collection BluRay

Accel World 04
Accel World Novel 04 Flight Toward a Blue Sky
Akame ga Kill 03
Black Butler 20
Durarara Yellow Scarves 03
Gantz 36
Inu X Boku SS 08
Log Horizon Novel 02 Knights of Camelot
Monster Perfect Edition 05 9-10
My Little Monster 09
No Game No Life Novel 02
Oreimo Kuroneko 02
Resident Evil Marhawa Desire 05
Soul Eater NOT 05

Record of Agarest War 2 Heroines Visual Book
Senran Kagura Official Design Works
Shining Blade & Ark Collection of Visual Materials (f/ Tony Taka)

Pokemon Monopoly Collectors Edition
Walkure Romanze Celia Cumani Aintree (Tan Color) 1/6 Statue

Adrianna M. your My Little Monster 09 is in.
Amanda-Lee W. your Yu Gi Oh R 02 is in.
Andrew M. your Love in Hell 03 is in.
Avril F. your D Gray Man Omni 04 10-11-12 is in.
Blair H. your Akame ga Kill 03 is in.
Dane R. your Resident Evil Marhawa Desire 05 is in.
Debbie F. your Black Butler 20 and Durarara Yellow Scarves 03 are in.
Derekica S. your Black Butler 20 is in.
Emily P. your Gantz 36, Inu X Boku SS 08, and My Little Monster 09 are in.
Jennifer S. your World's Greatest First Love 02 (Yaoi) is in.
Jeremy M. your No Game No Life Novel 02 is in.
Jordana M. your Gantz 36 is in.
Justin C. your Blue Exorcist 11 is in.
Kurt L. your Soul Eater NOT 05 is in.
Kyle O. your Akame ga Kill 03 is in.
Leanne W. your Black Butler 20 is in.
Lorraine D. your Black Butler 20 is in.
Molly G. your Black Butler 20 is in.
Sabrina S. your Black Butler 20 is in.
Shannon M. your Fullmetal Alchemist Omni 07 19-20-21 and Ubel Blatt 00 are in.
Scott M. your Gantz 36 is in.
Stephanie W. your Black Butler 20 is in.

Frank V. your Doctor Who 10th Doctor POP Vinyl Figure is in.

Owner-san’s other project for the weekend is to finish re-organizing Neo Tokyo itself to open up more space and allow him to bring in more figures and begin the process of filling Neo Tokyo’s shelves with model kits. Owner-san isn’t making a big deal about it quite yet as all he’ll have to show for it at the moment will be new empty shelves, something only exciting in the potential to have exciting things on them. So he’s trying not to get excited until the exciting stuff starts to show up. In the meantime he’s been ramping up his ordering of Figmas, SH Figuarts, Nendoroids, and about every kind of statue he can find and they should start to fill the shelves with more of the 3D type of awesome that Neo Tokyo is known for shortly. For now Owner-san has a mountain of anime to sort and a long list of phone calls and emails to get done. No time to pause.


At 6:03pm On Jul 17th 2015, Owner-san wrote...
Owner-san has two shipments to post this time; a shipment of new manga and another of trinkets, figures and plushies; and has only just managed to get them in before the week was over. Owner-san still has much calling and emailing to do before Saturday morning so he will cut straight to the chase and get to the good part, all of the happy otaku and their new books (and such).

We have another awesome batch of new books arriving to Neo Tokyo this week with a little bit of something for everyone.

Core Scramble is a boys’ love story following Chaeun, a foot soldier in the war to defend Earth from the swarms of alien bugs coming through portals from other dimensions. It isn’t an easy fight and it is made worse by Chaeun’s arrogant commander. When Chaeun is left behind on the battlefield he is rescued by the mysterious Moonhoo who has plans of his own for the portals.

The Durarara Novel series, all thirteen of them, are the source for the Durarara manga, anime, and countless spin offs in all formats. If you want the original story which they all spring forth from this is what you have to read.

Final Fantasy Type 0 Side Story Reaper Icy Blade is the story of Kurasame an agito cadet in class three of the elite magical academy Akademeia. He dreams of joining class one and becoming an elite warrior with them. This is the beginning for the boy who will one day become a legend. Owner-san, despite being not the greatest fan of all things Final Fantasy, quite likes the look of this book. The art is very sharp and the world is quite involved and interesting. He is looking forward to seeing where this story goes as this author has done some really interesting work with Kingdom Hearts.

First Love Monster begins with fifteen year old Kaho Nikaidou coming to Tokyo and being coddled as a child she finds herself not very prepared for the big city. Rescued from peril by a handsome boy she falls for him at first sight and he goes on a date with her. She’s horrified to discover however that he’s only in the fifth grade.

Prison School is the rather demented story of Hachimitsu Academy the elite boarding school that until this year was girls only. For the first time boys will be enrolled and only five boys have made the grade. Those five think they are the luckiest five to have ever lived and as the first day of class ends the boys put into motion a plan get closer to their new classmates (close enough to look anyway). That’s when they run into the Shadow Student Council and they have some plans of their own.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Homura's Revenge is a retelling of the PMMM story with the twist being that this time Madoka remembers the outcomes of her previous timelines and so does Kyubey. Owner-san can’t really say any more without loading up on spoilers for the original story as well as Homura’s Revenge. Not really meant to be read without having already been through the original story Homura’s Revenge is definitely an interesting spin on the storyline.

Atelier Escha & Logy Alchemists of the Dusk Sky Collection
One Week Friends Collection (S)

07 Ghost 17
Certain Magical Index 02
Arpeggio of Blue Steel 05
Awkward SC Manga (SOFTCOVER)
Case Closed 55
Core Scramble 01 (Yaoi)
Devil is a Part Timer 02
Durarara Novel 01
Final Fantasy Type 0 Side Story 01 Reaper Icy Blade
First Love Monster 01
Kagerou Daze 02
Karneval 02
Love Stage!! 02 (Yaoi)
My Neighbor Seki 03
Prison School 01
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Homura's Revenge 01
Ranma 1/2 Omni 09 17-18
Rin-Ne 18
So I Can't Play H 02
Tiger & Bunny 07
World's Greatest First Love 02 (Yaoi)

Fate Stay Night Rider Nendoroid
Love Live Rin Hoshizora Nendoroid

Debbie F. your Atelier Escha & Logy Alchemists of the Dusk Sky Collection and One Week Friends Collection (S) are in.
Jarid S. your Clannad Complete Collection (Dub) is in.
Jennifer K. your Clannad Complete Collection (Dub) is in.

Abby L. your Black Cat 07 is in.
Amanda-Lee W. your Yu Gi Oh R 01 and 05 are in.
Blair H. your Kagerou Daze 02 is in.
Candace S. your Dawn of the Arcana 02 is in.
Debbie F. your Case Closed 55 and Natsume's Book of Friends 01 are in.
Emily P. your 07 Ghost 17, Kagerou Daze 2, Karneval 02, Love Stage 02, and World's Greatest First Love 02 (Yaoi) are in.
Jessie M. your Are You Alice 01 is in.
Jhunnie E. your D Frag 03 is in.
Jonathan F. your My Neighbor Seki 03 is in.
Justin B. your Arpeggio of Blue Steel 05 is in.
Matt S. your Bleach Omni 06 16-17-18 and Bleach Omni 07 19-20-21 are in.
Natasha G. your Karneval 02 is in.
Scott M. your Tiger & Bunny 07, Arpeggio of Blue Steel 05, and Prison School 01 are in.
Scott S. your Are You Alice 01 is in.
Stephanie M. your Durarara Novel 01 is in.
Stephanie W. your Case Closed 55 is in.
Travis K. your Legend of Zelda 02 Ocarina of Time 02 is in.

Cody B. your Naruto Sound Village Headbands are in.
Gage H. your Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Goku, Vegeta, and Perfect Cell POP Vinyl Figures are in.
Kaitlyn C. your Puella Magi Madoka Magica Kyubey 8" Plush is in.
Kalleigh A. your Hetalia Axis Powers SD Germany Junior T Shirt (M) and Sailor Moon Sailor Pluto Sticker are in.
Leonard D. your Walkure Romanze Celia Cumani Aintree (Tan Color) 1/6 Statue is in.

Owner-san has plans to make some more changes to Neo Tokyo this (and the next few) weekend to add even more room for more and more of everything that makes being an otaku great. It will require him to do even more ordering than he has been, which is nothing short of awesome, but first there is some minor construction to get finished with. Stay tuned for more updates and no time to pause.


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